An IMEI number is extremely important as it is used to search for your mobile if it has been lost or stolen by anybody. is an email service that provide comprehensive instructions on how to the use IMEI tracker to your advantage if you have been the victim of a stolen phone.


There are two keys ways that you can track your phone using the IMEI number. The first way is to enlist the help of telecom operator, however this is only possible if you have reported the theft to the police. When the phone is switched on, it will transmit the IMEI number which will be cross checked the equipment identity register of the network. The operator will then be able to block your phone by adding the unique IMEI number to the blacklist.

The second way to find your phone using the IMEI is to use IMEI tracker software that you have previously installed. This software will be able to lock into your phones geographical position using the IMEI number. However, the simplest way is to email the details of your lost phone to including the IMEI number, manufacturer and model and let them do the hard work for you.

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