4th Wave of Covid in India – Precautions, Symptoms, and Prediction to Stay Safe

Fourth Wave of Corona in India– Prediction, and Precautions to stay safe at home will be discussed on this page. It seems that Covid19 follows a pattern – right after the festive and wedding season India witnessed the peak of Covid cases Every year. The third wave of Covid19 came in January 2022 but it was not as deadly as the second wave was due to Vaccination and week variant. The third wave of Covid19 was passed easily but now the question arises would there be any 4th wave of Covid in India? 

Well, experts are not sure about it but WHO warned that there could be some more dangerous variant of Covid19 that may hit the world. 

What is the 4th wave of coronavirus?

4th wave of Covid would arrive because of the new and deadly variants of Coronavirus. Experts are not sure about it, but it has been confirmed that 4th wave of coronavirus will not be as dangerous as the second wave was. 

In recent reports WHO said that “In some countries where the cases are low because of vaccination and restrictions there people are thinking that Covid19 pandemic reached to an end, that’s not the case, for this year you can think that the Pandemic has been stopped but there could be more dangerous Variants of Covid come later.”

So, there are high chances that 4th wave of Coronavirus will pass soon without any serious cases or low mortality rate. Here we tell you what is the 4th wave of Coronavirus?

Till now India faced 3 major Covid waves. During the first wave of Covid19 lockdown was imposed in the whole country, At the same time, the whole world was going under lockdown. The second wave was very deadly, the mortality rate was too high at that time. Many people had lose their loved ones during the second wave of coronavirus. The second wave of Covid remained for 2-3 months and affected the whole nation badly, the Government imposed the lockdown again. These two waves affected the economy, health structure, and mental conditions of many nations and their people. 

Covid19 virus was changing rapidly, every month new variants were coming in different countries. The new Omicron variant brought the Third wave of Covid in India and other countries. But it was not deadly as the second wave was. It passed soon without any lockdown. 

Now if we talk about the 4th wave of Covid in India, it may come at the end of this year but it will be very mild as 90% population is already vaccinated.

Will there be a fourth wave of covid? 

As per the experts, it is difficult to predict the fourth wave at this stage. By observing the pattern it can be said that the “4th wave of Covid will come at the end of 2022 but it will not be as deadly as the second wave was”.

The changing mutations of Covid are increasing the Risk of Covid 4th wave in India. WHO said that there could be some serious mutations of Covid that may appear later this year. Even if the fourth wave of coronavirus will come it will be very mild. 

When starting 4th wave of coronavirus in India?

It is difficult to say when 4th wave of Coronavirus will start in India but by analyzing its pattern, it has been observed by the experts that after each wedding and festive season a new wave hits the country. So if we talk about the 4th wave of coronavirus in India, it may come between September-November after the Diwali and the wedding season.

But people do not need to worry about the Fourth wave of Covid as the third wave was also very mild so it will be too. It is because most of the population got the first dose of the Covid19 vaccine and will be fully vaccinated till that time. 

Coronavirus Fourth Wave symptoms

Till now nothing can be officially said about the symptoms of coronavirus Fourth wave. If someone will show the symptoms of Covid 4th wave, they might be similar to previous ones like people may face fever, cough, shortness of breath, and breathing difficulties. As per the WHO statement, some new mutations of Covid19 may lead to fourth wave and nothing can be said about their symptoms till their examinations.

Some patients can show normal symptoms of Covid, they should go for the Covid19 test. These common symptoms can be treated easily at home. Patients do not need to admit to the hospital if there are no serious symptoms. But it is also necessary to protect yourself if the fourth wave of Covid will come India. 

Precautions needed to stay safe from covid-19 Fourth wave

It is necessary to protect yourself and your family from the fourth wave of coronavirus. Some precautions should be taken to stay safe from covid-19 fourth wave is given below. WHO and the Indian health ministry also shared some tips to protect from the 4th wave of Covid. Some of the Instructions given below should be followed:

  1. Wash your hands regularly with soap.
  2. Always wear a mask and use a hand sanitizer if you are going outside.
  3. Do not touch your face or remove your mask frequently.
  4. Follow social distancing. Make a distance of at least 1mtr in the crowd.
  5. When coughing, cover the mouth with a handkerchief.
  6. If your health is already weak do not go outside from home.
  7. Do not smoke and stay away from other lung weakening activities.
  8. Stay away from dust.

To stay safe above-mentioned instructions should be followed strictly.

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